Uber Lyft Program

Getting started with Uber and Lyft has never been easier thanks to EZ Own Auto Source's flexible lease program. There isn't a better or more affordable way to get a qualified, low-mileage vehicle (under 75,000 miles/2010 and newer) to kick-start your career.

Come see why our program is the best in the business with features Uber and Lyft drivers love, such as flexible return and exchange policy and 0% interest for the life of the lease.


Call (602) 977-2886 for more information and start driving today!


So what is the program exactly?

The program is simply about having a reliable car and make money as a Uber/Lyft driver.  We did the research and realized that the market was missing a good program that took care of both the driver and the car. We understand that you use your car to make money but  you also use it as your personal car. The wear and tear associated with the miles you put on the car can be too much for some companies; not for us. The program allows 40,000 miles per year and we can increase that if necessary. All cars need regular oil changes but ride share vehicles need it more often. this can be costly and we include oil changes and filter in the life of the program.

What about a warranty? We want you to call other ride-share car programs and ask them if they will cover car repairs, including major components, for the life of the contract. The short answer is not many.  Also, ask them if you will get to own the vehicle after 24 quick months. Drive the car, make money, and pay off the car. Keep the car and drive it or trade it in for a different car. You still retain the value and can use it as leverage to get into your next car. Other programs treat the ride share as a long term rental. You will never own the vehicle. We also take care of the tags and registration for you. Not just the first year but as many times as necessary in the two year period. We want you to focus on driving and not waiting in line at the DMV. Our service center will also complete the Uber and/or Lyft inspection same day or next business day.


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